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Streetsville Children's Centre

6535 Millcreek Drive Unit 52, Mississauga

Streetsville Children's Centre and Streetsville Academy


PLATINUM Winner for BEST DAYCARE in Mississauga 2022

PLATINUM Winner for BEST DAYCARE SERVICES in Mississauga 2022

GOLD WINNER for Readers Choice 2022 Best Daycare in Mississauga

Offering Canada Wide Early Learning and Child Care Plan to families in Peel Region

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Program Statement and Implementation Policy

To provide a caring and challenging learning environment for young students. Our program believes in providing an inclusive environments for various abilities and diverse backgrounds. Additionally, to provide students with special needs with the necessary treatment and professional support necessary for them to reach their full potential. To provide a place of Belonging and Well Being for each student, staff and family member and to provide a program that encourages engagement and gives the opportunity for expression. Streetsville Children’s Centre and Academy believes strongly in the Foundations for Learning.We provide our students and parents with positive and responsive interactions with all teachers and peers, fostering the child’s exploration and play. Streetsville Children’s Centre provides child initiated experiences that are supported by both parent and teacher. Health, Safety and nutrition are followed and promoted by SCC staff and our Yummy Food catering company. Individual needs of the children are fostered by providing indoor and outdoor opportunities as well as active play time and rest times.Streetsville Children’s Centre provides and plans for a creative positive learning environment for both child and parent.Communication plays an important role in providing a positive experience for us as a school. This includes communication between all three parties (parent, staff and Directors). Developmental meeting with parents to discuss goals and strategies within the classroom are carried out on a monthly basis or when needed. SCC welcome outside agencies and community partners to support the needs of our staff and students.Our Program statement is reviewed by all who interact with students within our center.

Implementation Policy for Program Statement

It is our expectation that the staff follow the program statement by following our inclusion policy for all students with special needs. Staff are to provide opportunities within the classroom to support all students in their wellbeing and belonging while providing times within their program for self expression. Staff are encouraged to ask open ended questions and engage with each child at their level.Staff are required to promote Health, Safety and Nutrition by eating with the children during our feeding times and having continuous scanning skills both indoors and outdoors and during washroom times.Communication with parents is encouraged at the door by the leads within the classroom and staff are required to document all communication with parents in the classroom communication log.Staff are required to do monthly testing on the children as well as timed monthly Nipissings on children. Classrooms are welcoming to outside agencies and staff are required to work along side these individuals to assist program help and ideas. Streetsville Children’s Centre and Streetsville Academy does not permit any of the following as set out in our Prohibited Practice Policy.

  • corporal punishment of the child
  • deliberate use of harsh or degrading measures on the child that would humiliate the child or undermined his/her self respect
  • depriving the child of basic needs including food, shelter, clothing or bedding
  • locking the exits of Streetsville Children’s Centre for the purpose of confining the child
  • using a locked or lockable room or structure to confine the child if he/she has to be separated from other children.

The implementation of our Program statement is reviewed annually and signed off by staff when orientation has been completed. During orientation for staff and volunteers a review record is kept on file.