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Streetsville Children's Centre

6535 Millcreek Drive Unit 52, Mississauga

Streetsville Children's Centre and Streetsville Academy


PLATINUM Winner for BEST DAYCARE in Mississauga 2022

PLATINUM Winner for BEST DAYCARE SERVICES in Mississauga 2022

GOLD WINNER for Readers Choice 2022 Best Daycare in Mississauga

Offering Canada Wide Early Learning and Child Care Plan to families in Peel Region

Call today to take advantage of this.

What will you find in our classrooms....

Nursery School One (12 months to 18 months):

This classroom is licensed for 6 students and 2 teachers. It is a NO SHOE room as we all know infants are just learning to walk and discover. The room is bright, big and welcoming.

It has lots of cause and effect toys, pretend play and floor time toys along with music, poems and stories. Students have the opportunity to learn new things such as Baby Sign Language, working with puzzles and other manipulative items and time to create master pieces of art...for your fridge of course.

Space is limited in this room as we only have 6 don't delay.

Registration Agreement for Baby Room

Regardless of the room if your child is in the Nursery 1 Infant to 18 months fees will be in effect until your child has reached 18 months. No withdrawal or reduction of fees will be made until your child is 18 months old, regardless of the room they are in, since the ration remains at 1:3.

Nursery School Two ( 18 Months to 2.4 Yrs old)

This classroom has been designed to offer an environment which will develop each child's self-worth through a warm and loving surrounding.These skills are developed through a variety of play experiences to help each child discover their skills and interests during these early years.

The classroom is easily labelled with pictures and broken down into centers throughout the room.

Independence and building a strong foundation for early academic skills is developed in this classroom.

Nursery School Three ( 2.4 yrs old to 3.8 yrs)

This classroom offers opportunities which promote cognitive and physical development in an emotionally stimulating atmosphere. A variety of play experiences are offered including creative arts, small group learning, music and dance. Children in varying ages play together in a setting that promotes co-operation and sharing allowing them to accept similarities and differences.

Junior Kindergarten ( 3.8 yrs old to 5 yrs old)

This classroom is a much more structured look working from 10 different centers within the classroom. The students are divided into groups of 3 and move every 15 minutes having them have exposure to all of the areas in the classroom.A strong emphasis on Literacy, Printing and Math is extremely evident in this classroom. With a class size of 1:8 students, each child's receives special attention to make sure foundations for these 3 areas are strong.

Primary Classroom ( 5 yrs old to Grade 3)

This classroom follows the Ontario Curriculum and is a 1:10 ratio. Focusing on Reading, Writing and Math, we are able to provide a solid academic foundational program that stimulates, challenges and motivates in an environment where they can experience the joy of learning whilst developing self confidence and self esteem.

Being apart of the Streetsville family is important to us. We love opening our school to new families.