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Streetsville Children's Centre

6535 Millcreek Drive Unit 52, Mississauga

Streetsville Children's Centre and Streetsville Academy

PLATINUM Winner for BEST DAYCARE in Mississauga 2022

PLATINUM Winner for BEST DAYCARE SERVICES in Mississauga 2022

GOLD WINNER for Readers Choice 2022 Best Daycare in Mississauga

Offering Canada Wide Early Learning and Child Care Plan to families in Peel Region

Call today to take advantage of this.

SeeSaw App For Parents

Family APP

Family App is used for all students who attend SCC. This is a communication tool we use to help families and school stay connected.

We are thrilled to have each our classrooms using our SeeSaw App.

We are able to quickly communicate with parents and take pictures of the students within the classroom to get an idea of what your child's day is like at Streetsville.

Each child has their own file folder which creates a portfolio for parents to look at and keep.

Another unique part of the Streetsville program.