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Streetsville Children's Centre

6535 Millcreek Drive Unit 52, Mississauga

Streetsville Children's Centre and Streetsville Academy


PLATINUM Winner for BEST DAYCARE in Mississauga 2022

PLATINUM Winner for BEST DAYCARE SERVICES in Mississauga 2022

GOLD WINNER for Readers Choice 2022 Best Daycare in Mississauga

Offering Canada Wide Early Learning and Child Care Plan to families in Peel Region

Call today to take advantage of this.

Our Classrooms.....

When you walk into our classrooms you will see that they are bright, large and colorful. Students art work is posted around the room for display along with center driven and labelled areas and bins. Each classroom is designed to help promote independence, creativity and an appreciation for academics. We conduct the Nipissing Developmental tool on all of our students to help program best for each individual.

Our classrooms are filled with colourful activities that focus on the 4 Foundations of learning, Well Being, Expression, Engagement and Belonging. Our belief in fostering the creativity of every child can be found in all of our classrooms.

All of our classrooms have large windows that look out onto our newly resurfaced yard. We believe in giving students the opportunity to work and engage with nature whenever possible and being outside in the fresh air combined with learning opportunities.