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Streetsville Children's Centre

6535 Millcreek Drive Unit 52, Mississauga

Streetsville Children's Centre and Streetsville Academy

"Returning to Old Fashioned Values"

Celebrating 30 years in Private School Education

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Celebrating 30 years in Private School Education

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Parent Medication Form and Period of Exclusion

Forms and flyers for trips, special events and medication forms will be available in this section of our website.

We hope you find this helpful.

Communicable Disease – During the year, it is sometimes necessary to contact parents/guardians and have them take their child home because he/she is ill or is suspected of having a communicable disease. If your child complains of feeling ill before school, we request that he/she stays home.

The Region of Peel Public Health gives the Principal the authority to exclude students who are suffering or are suspected of suffering from a communicable disease.

The periods of exclusion that we adhere to are as follows:


Chicken Pox

Contagious from 1 to 2 days before onset of rash and up to 5 days after – should return when child feels well enough to participate normally in all activities

Fifth Disease

Contagious before onset of rash and probably not contagious after onset of rash – hand washing is important

Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease

Blisters may occur for 7 to 10 days on palms, fingers and soles of feet. Hand washing is important – once diagnosed by physician, the child can return if well enough to participate in all activities

Head Lice

Children are excluded until treated and nits are removed from hair


Contagious for 3 to 5 days from onset of symptoms, up to 7 days in young children

German Measles

Contagious for about 1 week before and at least 4 days after onset of rash – exclude child and re-admit on 8th day from onset of 



Exclude child and re-admit on the 5th day after the appearance of rash, if child is well enough to participate


Re-admit 9 days after onset of swollen glands or once swollen glands have returned to normal size, whichever is the shorter time frame

Pink Eye

Exclude child if there is pus-like discharge from eye(s) until at least 24 hours after the first dose of antibiotic treatment

Strep Throat / Scarlet Fever

May return after 24 hours of antibiotic therapy and if well enough to participate

Whooping Cough

Re-admit 5 days after starting antibiotic treatment or after 3 weeks have passed since onset of cough (no antibiotic treatment)

Vomiting or Diarrhea

Students are not return to school for 24 hours after being sent home with vomiting or Diarrhea..

If the family doctor feels that the preceding periods of exclusion is not necessary, then it will be required that the doctor writes a certificate to this effect. Bill 142 - Immunization of School Pupils Act (1983) is now being implemented by the Region of Peel Public Health Department. The Act legislates that all pupils in school be fully immunized against Measles, Mumps, Rubella (German measles), Diphtheria, Tetanus and Polio. Any student without up to date immunization cannot be admitted to the school.